Lung cancer is today the leading cause of cancer death worldwide for both women and men. However, thanks to medical research, even those of us with advanced lung cancer are living longer lives. With more research and by working together, we believe we can do even better. 

This year for Lung Cancer Awareness Month, ALK+ International has partnered with US-based non-profit ALK Positive Inc. and developed a social media campaign called “More Research, More Life.” Our social media campaign highlights the unexpected faces and stories of those diagnosed with ALK+ lung cancer. Our goal is to raise vital funds, all of which will go straight into our research pot.

It is thanks to research that ALK-positive lung cancer patients are alive today. Through more research, we know that we can increase life expectancy further and even one day find a cure. With your help, we can make this happen even sooner.

Here’s how you can help:

If you have ALK+ lung cancer, share your story

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You don't need to have ALK+ lung cancer to help us raise awareness and advocate for vital research funds. By sharing information about ALK-positive lung cancer, you’ll help us drive awareness, inspire new hope and change the face of the disease. Between 1-30 November, be sure to follow our ALK+ International social media accounts (below) and share, like and comment on our posts.

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Run a fundraiser

Why not create your own fundraiser? No matter how much you raise, it all makes a huge difference. Why not get sponsored a run or cycle, or if you aren't the sporting type, bake and sell some cakes. Start your fundraiser here:

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