World Cancer Day

On #WorldCancerDay 4th Febuary 2023, we are grateful for all the researchers, oncologists, nurses and pharmaceutical companies who are dedicated to #cancer #research and care. Your work matters deeply to us all.

Furthering Research into ALK+ Cancer Facebook Group

Do you or a member of your family have ALK-positive cancer and, if so, are you interested in hearing about or influencing the future of ALK+ cancer research? Why not join our Facebook group called “Furthering ALK+ cancer research by ALK+ International.”

We welcome anyone from the ALK community worldwide. We know we are alive today because of medical research. We are keen to come together to stay informed, share insights and advocate for more research. Together we can further ALK+ cancer research.

ICR Press release 

2023's Chair of Trustees Yvonne Diaz, recently appeared on BBC Radio 4 with representatives from Institute of Cancer Research to talk about the importance of biomarker testing. 

Talking with Cancer Podcast

Thanks to Katie Phillips for helping us to raise awareness during Lung Cancer Awareness Month of ALK+ lung cancer in her Talking with Cancer podcast. We appreciate Katie sharing her own connection with another genetic mutation - ROS1-which appear in lung cancer and other cancers just like ALK+.

ALK+ International launches, presents findings from patient perspective survey

On 8 Aug, ALK+ International became the first charity in the UK focused on funding research for ALK+ cancer. It also released its first European patient survey at the World Lung Cancer Conference (WLCC), 2022.

View the release here

View the survey results here

Trustee Jan Clark and the Radio Times 

ALK+ International trustee Jan Clark spoke with the Times Radio about the 'game-changing' role biomarker testing played in her daughter Amy's ALK-positive lung cancer diagnosis. Jan speaks at 1hr 42mins. 

Trustee Jan Clark and Radio 4

ALK+ International trustee Jan Clark spoke with Radio 4 about the necessity of biomarker testing. Go to the 40 minute mark. BBC login is required.

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