Image by Emily Taylor, Caregiver to ALK+ Patient

Why is advocacy needed?

In the ALK+ cancer community, advocacy helps to give a voice to issues that are important and ensures our needs are considered when decisions are being made about our lives. Together we are a growing, organised ALK+ global community and progress is being made in some countries. We at ALK+ International are collaborating with ALK groups globally and working directly in the UK, as there is no other organisation that advocates for further medical research into all ALK+ cancers in the UK. 

We have an advocacy and advisory committee that aims to get our voice heard. Among other things, they meet regularly with the relevant organisations and pharmaceutical companies to build relationships and educate on our needs. 

We are seeking a diverse range of skilled and passionate people to help us increase the life expectancy for all ALK+ cancer patients. 

If you would like to join our advocacy and advisory committee, please get in touch via the contact us page

Patient Survey

In August 2022, we published a patient survey of about 130 ALK+ patients from all over Europe. To date, this is the biggest survey that has been completed outside the USA and with over 14 European countries taking part.

Click here for the survey results.

Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign November 2022

During, LCAM we partnered with ALK Positive Inc. to advocate for more researched. Please click here for more info.

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